Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) & Website Design/Development

How Our Michigan Web Design Company Optimizes A Website With CRO

Our web design company in Michigan can help you maximize your number of conversions by combining various page elements, some powerful site architecture components, and a premium feel that will have visitors admiring the elegance and utility of your website.

To convert more visitors, you’ll need really useful and compelling content on your site, as well as an amazing look and feel which captures their interest.

It’s not difficult to combine good design elements with known principles of conversion rate optimization to produce a really effective website.

Don’t use Instant Pop-ups

Most visitors to your website will consider these to be annoying and may abandon your site entirely when a pop-up immediately confronts them with a sale proposition.

Data has shown that it takes somewhere between seven and 13 touches before a user will finally decide to make a purchase, so the only thing an instant pop-up will accomplish is to send a user running to a competitor.

You’re much better off using intent exit messages because you can control when they fire, and it won’t be nearly as annoying or intrusive.

Use heat mapping to overcome obstacles

When visitors to your site have difficulty finding products they’re interested in or the checkout page, they’ll simply abandon your site without investing any more time.

By using heat mapping, you can tell where most people spend the majority of their time on any given webpage.

For those very long webpages which contain a large amount of content, this can be extremely useful, because it will tell you where users are spending most of their time.

If it turns out that most people are missing your important content, then you may have to rework your page in your overall strategy, so that your important content is repositioned on a page where most users spend their time.

Simplify User Options

This is particularly important in an e-commerce setting, where visitors to your site have a vast number of options available to them.

Studies have shown that while users do appreciate having lots of options available to them, they tend to get confused by all those options and end up resenting the fact they have to constantly make choices.

They also show that the more decisions a user is required to make, the more that their decisions made will drop off. In other words, the more choices people have, the less likely they are to buy anything.

To get around this, you should simplify your menus so that fewer choices have to be made, and so that you don’t force users to be constantly making decisions.

Optimize your Checkout Process

If you’ve noticed that your cart abandonment rate is unusually high, there’s probably something wrong with, or missing from, your checkout procedure. If users have gotten to the checkout page in the first place, they’ve probably found some products which appeal to them, but then they abandoned before a sale could be made for some reason.

Our web design company in Michigan has discovered that the main reasons for abandoning the checkout process are confusion about shipping, the checkout process itself, or bad navigation.

This means you should review your entire checkout process to make sure all three of these components are airtight and present no problems to users, that should reduce your cart abandonment rate, and increase your conversion rate optimization.

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