Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

What Is CRO?

CRO is an acronym that stands for Conversion Rate Optimization, and what it means is that a number of activities are undertaken to increase the percentage of visitors to a given website who will take some kind of desirable action. The kinds of actions involved are most often filling out a form which includes an email address, or perhaps purchasing products offered by a company.

Any website owner attempting to optimize their conversion rates will be attempting to understand the way that users navigate a website, which kinds of actions they take, and any obstacles which prevent them from taking the desired actions.

How CRO Benefits SEO?

There are definitely some benefits that CRO provides to search engine optimization, even though the two are not directly related. First of all, CRO can give you a better understanding of your target audience, so that you can find out which types of content address their needs best. CRO also helps you find the best possible target audience for your business, so that you can focus your message on just those individuals.

A higher conversion rate will also give you a better return on investment, which means you get more out of your available resources. When you make it a legitimate effort to get the most out of your acquisition efforts, you’ll find that you automatically acquire more conversions without the need for bringing in mass numbers of potential customers.



CRO also results in better scalability, because it allows you to grow your business without losing prospective customers and being subject to diminishing resources. When you’re able to convert more visitors into actual buyers, your business will grow all by itself without running out of customers. CRO also will help you to understand what works best on your website so that you can emphasize those features and provide a better experience for all your visitors.

When users visit a website that makes them feel empowered, they tend to engage more fully with it, and they might even become advocates for your brand. CRO will also help you to provide a more professional website which is responsive to customer needs and questions, while also being respectful and courteous.

This, in turn, will help build trust with your audience, so they are more willing to share their email address or their credit card information with your company.

Successful CRO

The surest route to successful conversion rate optimization is to know exactly what to optimize and who you should be optimizing for. This should all be based on data that you have gathered through your CRO efforts, and without this kind of information, the only basis you would have for making any changes in your business sense and any hunches you might have.

When you’re talking about the success of your business, you really can’t afford to base decisions on hunches and gut feelings. The solid analytical data which is provided by CRO will help you to identify who your main target audience is and exactly what it is that appeals to them and satisfies their needs.

Being in touch with your audience’s pain points and knowing what challenges they face will help you to fine-tune your message to them, and to make your brand more appealing than the competition.

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