Aqaba Digital categorically denies any affiliation with a person named Martin Gao claiming to work with Crowdbotics or the O Donnell Group and condemns the fraudulent activities conducted through the platform at ...Our company has become a victim of misrepresentation from offshore individuals engaging in deceptive practices, and we emphasize that these fraudulent efforts are in no way representative of Aqaba Digital's legitimate operations or partnerships. We are actively working to address this misrepresentation and take appropriate actions to prevent further unauthorized activities under our name.

Digital Strategy


Stand out online with tailored funnel builds

Digital Strategy


Stand Out Online with Tailored Funnel Builds

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Customized sales funnels from Aqaba

At Aqaba, we understand that a successful digital marketing campaign requires a well-designed sales funnel. Our funnel build services can help you create a sales funnel that guides prospects through the buying process and converts them into customers.

From lead magnets and landing pages to email marketing and retargeting campaigns, our team of experts can help you create a funnel that drives growth and revenue for your business.

Customized sales funnels from Aqaba

Customizing sales funnels


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Funnel builds with Aqaba

Our sales funnels are designed to capture leads, nurture them, and ultimately turn them into paying customers. By breaking down the customer’s decision-making process into stages, sales funnels help businesses understand their audience better, tailor their messaging, and increase the likelihood of closing sales.


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