Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Tips To Increase Your E-Commerce Conversion Rate Optimization

As an e-commerce entrepreneur, your site may be well designed, have a wide catalog and get a lot of views, but that does not guarantee it will generate sales. Many online websites trip themselves because they don’t focus on conversion rate optimization.

What is conversion? E-commerce conversion is the number of visits to your website which turn into sales. Conversion is any desirable activity from visitors which will benefit your website. This can include recommending your website and reviewing it well as well.

So the question is, how can you achieve conversion rate optimization (CRO)?

Conversion rate optimization can be achieved with very few simple steps. These steps need to be routinely tested to see how your site is performing. If you manage to keep your site on target with most of these tests then you will have CRO. Follow the tips below to know what you need to do.

1.     Loading Speed

One of the first steps in conversion rate optimization is fast loading speeds. Your website and webpage should load in less than or in 2 seconds. Many visitors close pages that do not load in 2-3 seconds so speed should be the top priority.

The faster your pages load, the more people will be able to check them out. That means they will be likely to find items of interest and purchase them.

2.     Image Selection

Ensuring your images are selected and configured properly is also part of CRO. Images can consume a lot of bandwidth while loading and grind your site to a halt.

That is why it is necessary your images are properly optimized. There are various tools to ensure they have the right file size which won’t burden servers. A slow-loading image can be very off-putting to viewers.

3.     Adaptability

Adaptability is how well your site is optimized for access from different sources. Your website should be able to identify whether it is being accessed from a desktop or a mobile phone. It needs to promptly respond and configure itself for best viewing on any device.

This is important because people are switching to mobile phones for online activity. People conduct online purchases from the palm of their hands. You need to ensure your site is correctly optimized for pads, tablets, and smartphones.

4.     Seamless Navigation

Navigating your website should be a breeze for visitors. Smooth navigation is one of the most important parts of conversion rate optimization.

The better your visitors will be able to explore your website, the more likely they will be to spend time and buy something.

5.     Simplified Checking Out Process

The simpler your check out process is, the faster the visitors will get done with their purchases.

People shop online to avoid the hassle of physical shopping. If you provide a cart and checkout experience which takes a minute, then your CRO will be effective. Ensuring long procedures for checking out makes the process more tiresome for customers.


The above are only some of the steps which you can take for effective CRO. CRO is one of the most important metrics to keep track of. Working on it and ensuring it remains up to standard will ensure your e-commerce sees no lag or drop in sales.

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