BMW’s Need for Website Speed Pays Off

Speed, automation, and relevance can boost your performance.

BMW had an issue. The automaker’s website didn’t live up to the brand’s image. “To be frank,” writes Jörg Poggenpohl, global head of digital marketing at BMW Group, “it didn’t look, feel, or behave like a website built by BMW, where our brand is synonymous with performance. With speed. With the exhilarating sensation of moving from one place to another.” 

So it set out to rebuild its mobile site from scratch. According to Poggenpohl, “the first goal was speed. The second and third goals? Speed.” The fourth goal was to leverage the company’s consumer insights to create a dynamic and resourceful marketing outlet. 

Before the first line of code was written, creative and design teams agreed to abandon any feature that would slow down the site. And the company chose Progressive Web Apps and Accelerated Mobile Pages to create a best-in-class website built for speed and great user experiences. 

The new mobile site loads three times faster than the old one. What impact does that kind of speed mean? The proportion of people clicking from to a BMW sales site soared from 8% to 30%. The number of its mobile users has risen by 27%.

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