Website Design/Development Gets a MakeOver by Detroit Web Design Firm

Curtis Metal Finishing Co., Sterling Heights, MI, has retained, Detroit Web Design Firm, Aqaba Technologies, to design and develop a website to match Curtis Metal’s world-class ingenuity and quality!

Curtis Metal is proud to be one of the United State’s largest bulk metal finishing operations.  They specialize in the application of engineered coating to fasteners and small stampings in the Automotive & General Industrial Industries.

For a company as reputable as Curtis Metal, it is essential to be accessible 24/7. For its partners and potential customers, providing materials relating to their services efficiently and in a user-friendly way is critical. To do this, Curtis Metal has recognized the need for a state of the art mobile-responsive website.

The new Curtis Metal website will maintain the existing identity and brand for Curtis Metal Finishing Co. Aqaba knows just how important it is to maintain look and feel of the Curtis Metal brand that people have come to know and love.The website will showcase Curtis Metal’s professional services, offer resourceful information and provide a strong online presence for the company. Other aspects of the new website include a process quoting engine that will be integrated with the process search system, an interactive client showcase.

Curtis Metal will be completely cataloged as a product matrix of materials and processes to enable a search system that will be integrated with the process quoting engine.

Not only will the site just look and function beautifully, it’s going to be serving an important function to staff as a custom built sales & administrative tool, and as a resource guide to visitors and prospective customers.  

Aqaba Technologies has the experience and expertise to craft and manage the web presence for manufacturing companies. Curtis Metals isn’t the only world-class manufacturing company to recognize this. Many manufacturers have put their trust in Aqaba Technologies. Companies like PARI Robotics to name one, know Aqaba is the choice for all of their web design needs.

See why Aqaba Technologies is the choice of so many in the industry. Contact an Aqaba representative today!

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