3 Trends in Social Media in 2017


It’s hard to believe, but Social Media has been with us for more than a decade now.

And like any constantly evolving online platform, the rate at which changes are occurring appears to be increasing tangentially – making it hard to keep up.

Here are three trends in Social Media that we see as being ‘spot on’ for businesses to capitalize on in 2017:


Trend 1:   Live Video – platforms like Periscope, Facebook Life, and Snapchat will continue to expand their influence, as the desire for instant communications and live video between businesses and its constituents will continue to swell in 2017.

A wise Social Media Strategy for 2017 will include using live video feeds relevant to some aspect of your business, broadcast via a popular platform within your niche.

Got some new technology or a new high-tech piece of manufacturing equipment that you want to show off to your niche? Why not broadcast it in action, live, with some brief commentary on Periscope?

What to send out a meaningful quip from a talk you are giving to your industry targets? Broadcasting it live on Facebook Live may be the perfect fit.

In both cases, your potential reach is significant, using what is considered a ‘pretty cool-hip-relevant venue’.  You’ll be the envy of your competition!


Trend 2 – Increase in Social Media Advertising – experts predict that advertising on social media platforms will top $11 billion in 2017, almost double the amount spent in 2013. More social media platforms will offer more advertising options in 2017, increasing options and making potential advertising partners work through a multitude of choices.

A business with a prudent and proactive Social Media Strategy will research out the best choices that fit their companies, tied into their niche and their customer’s social media habits.

Trend 3 – Transforming Your Employees Into ‘Brand Ambassadors’ The concept and practice of encouraging your employees to promote your business via their social media connections are hardly new; LinkedIn leverages this through the link between Personal Profiles and Company Profiles.

What will change in 2017 will be the growing dominance of automation tools that help you turn your employees into brand ambassadors for your business. SocialToaster is an example of such a platform.

A Social Media Strategy that works in 2017 will take into account the power of your employees as brand ambassadors, promoting your business to their social media business contacts.


Would you like help with developing a Social Media Strategy that works in 2017?


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