The Release of TheEggDropper

Congratulations are in order for the developers of TheEggDropper, whose Kickstarter initiative has gone live, and is seeking funding from interested donors. Kickstarter is an American public benefit company whose avowed purpose is to bring creative projects to life, by helping a promising inventor or developer to secure the necessary funding to bring a product to market. There are a number of ways that developers can seek financial support from potential investors, but Kickstarter has proven to be one of the most popular approaches in recent years. 

Kickstarter provides a crowdfunding platform for investors from all walks of life to contribute to the success of a product, with the expectation that after having achieved some level of success, there will be a significant return on investment. Quite a few projects have been given a major boost by the Kickstarter platform, and many of these may not have found backers otherwise. This platform occupies a strong niche in public funding, and it provides ordinary people with the chance to pick a promising product and invest in its future.


TheEggDropper is a product whose invention originated from the fact that the developer was forced to endure a number of less than satisfying attempts at hard-boiling eggs for consumption. After undergoing several scalded fingers, quite a few broken or cracked eggs, and even a few under-cooked efforts, the inventor decided to create a better way. As one of his criteria, he decided to discover a way that eggs could be easily moved between boiling hot water and the countertop, without accidentally burning fingers and hands. 

Then too, it was important to avoid cracking or breaking the eggs during those transport events. Once a hard-boiled egg cracks, it becomes less useful for consumption, because some part of the egg will inevitably leak out the crack and cause a misshapen egg to form. Unless the user intends to mash the eggs up right away into an egg salad, appearances still count when serving deviled eggs to guests.

Lastly, the inventor wanted to be sure that all eggs being boiled would be exposed to consistent heating and boiling, so that all would be in the same state of readiness afterward. To top it all off, a product was sought which could be considered eco-friendly, since that is a very strong sentiment in the country currently, and more people are willing to invest in and purchase something which is known to be gentle on the environment. 

All these characteristics have been realized in the form of TheEggDropper, which is a brand new product, capable of hard-boiling up to six eggs at once, with no risk of scalding to the preparer. The product can be held by its handle, which keeps fingers and hands safely away from boiling water, and allows for safe movement between scalding water and ice water for cooling. After the eggs have been boiled and cooled, they can easily be stored right in TheEggDropper itself, in some convenient nook of your refrigerator.

Congratulations from aqaba 

The team of professionals at aqaba Technologies wishes to extend its sincere congratulations and hopes for success for the development team behind TheEggDropper. This Kickstarter campaign epitomizes the American way of persisting with the development of innovative products which might initially find little or no financial backing, but which are such good ideas that they can’t be held back. This particular product seems to meet those criteria, and it’s one that should be brought to the attention of the American public.

aqaba professionals realize that there has been a need for such a product for many years now. Practically everyone has been burned while dealing with hard-boiled eggs, or has had to tolerate the fact that one or more eggs become cracked or broken during preparation. If you’re hard-boiling your eggs for use at Easter time, you won’t want any cracked or broken eggs to be used when coloring them. The fact that all these criteria can be met by an eco-friendly product which is super-easy to use makes the product all the more desirable.

While many Kickstarter contributors may come on board because of the rewards being offered by the developer, others will simply be glad to be part of a winning project and a really worthwhile new product. Some of the rewards available to contributors include receiving one or more of the products themselves, in addition to some of the favorite recipes which call for hard-boiled eggs. Contributors are also asked to send in their own favorite recipes, and these will be compiled into a cookbook scheduled for publication in 2022.

About aqaba Technologies 

aqaba Technologies is an agency that is primarily driven by the latest technologies, and its purpose is to connect consumers and brands by using personalized, high-impact experiences, most of which take place in an online environment. The company is composed of specialists from a number of different disciplines, including web design, digital marketing, software developers, project managers, and content writers, all of whom have that same goal of bringing together consumers and companies.

The company was founded in 2004, and ever since then its growing presence has been felt in the area of web design and digital marketing. In fact, almost anything to do with marketing strategies and website design and development is fair game for aqaba Technologies. Having become experts in the field, the company now also offers consulting services in these same areas, so any company wishing to benefit from aqaba’s years of experience can do so without hiring them to do the work.

aqaba has been very successful at helping various companies improve their online presence, and at re-defining their marketing strategies to receive a greater return on investment. Companies that partner with aqaba find that they routinely make better use of social media platforms, get their intended message out to the right target audience, and as a result, enjoy increased web traffic, and an increase in conversions and sales. That makes aqaba one of the premier companies of its type in the marketplace of today.

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