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Simple Ways to Improve Your Local SEO

With so much competition on the web for companies and sites to be seen, it’s not an easy task to compete in Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Working to compete in Local SEO rankings is not an easy task either, but much more realistic with a smaller budget.

So think about this: If you’re a small business and ignoring the power of local SEO, you are leaving leads and money on the table.

When it comes to Michigan local SEO, our company can position you for the visibility of your small brick and mortar business needs to compete. We have briefly listed some of the basics in this article, to help you get going.

But first, let’s consider some statistics. Google did a study where they researched the web search behavior of consumers.  According to Google, 50 percent who checked out the local search on their phone patronized that business the same day. They also found that 4 in 5 consumers utilized search engines to find local information.

What this means is that if you want to compete for market visibility, you need to use the local SEO model, or risk being left behind. Here are three tried-and-true simple keys to start positioning your company to do just that:

Get a Business Page with Google My Business

If you don’t have your local business listed with Google My Business yet, you should make that your number one priority. Your ability to compete locally hangs in the balance of your business coming up in the local SERPs.

Listing or claiming your company on Google My Business positions yourself for the coveted top listing people see when they search for local services in Google. The goal is to hit the big three (the top three businesses that pop up on the main page).

It’s important that when you fill out your business profile on Google My Business completely;  everything, from your business hours to payments methods, etc.; leaving out vital information will make it harder to rank your business.

Build Local SEO with the Right Keywords

Keywords are the key to success. Whether it’s local SEO or competing in the global SERPs,  keywords that your potential customers search for is key to help you compete. From the title to your company description, the right keywords must be present.

Gain Traction with Citations and Online Reviews

Citations are essentially links. Without it, all local SEO efforts are in vain. You want your local business to rank everywhere possible in your local area. Therefore simple additions like a business Facebook page, and business page on Yelp, is a must for local success.

Along with citations, you want to make sure your business is receiving reviews. One way to go about that is to encourage your current clients and customers to leave a review. There are many ways to go about that, but a simple way is to use social media, as well as marketing emails. The more reviews your local business receives, the better possibility that you put your business in a position of ranking.

Positioning yourself for local SEO rankings is much easier than grappling with the main SERPs. Michigan Local SEO done correctly, will put your company in a position to win! At Aqaba Technologies, Local SEO is our specialty, and we’ll be more than happy to help you get started with these three simple steps (and much more) in order to help your local business gain its proper visibility.

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