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SEO Tips for blog writing.

The value of posting blog content to your business website is dependent upon many things. These questions help gauge the value of your blog content to your website visitors/blog readers:

  • Is the content that you provide directed at your current and prospective customers — such that the information is unique and compelling?
  • In what way or ways is your blog content useful to your target audience?
  • Does reading your blog give the reader an advantage over others in the industry who have not read your blog?
  • Does your blog content contain a practical application or implementation step? How implementable is the content on your blog?

Crafting great blog content is hard work. We know because we assist many of our clients with creating compelling and unique blog content that resonates with their respective target markets.

We also know that optimizing your blog content for search is critically important. After all, what is the value of great blog content — if no one can find it? As a leading Internet Marketing Agency in Detroit and a Detroit SEO Company, we work with many businesses by not only creating great blog content for them but also by optimizing that content as well.

Core Practices for Blog Content Optimization

When optimizing the content on your blog, we pursue the following core practices to keep your blog relevant and searchable:

Focus Content Around 1–2 Long-Tailed Keywords

Optimizing blog content (or any web content for that matter) is not a matter of stuffing keywords into on-page content — this practice will actually hurt your optimization efforts. Instead, building content naturally around 1–2 long-tailed keywords is a stronger policy. The focus here in on creating great content — content that utilizes these keywords in context within the overall theme of the blog content.

Additionally, we aim to place these keywords in the page title, into headers, and into the page URL, whenever possible.

Place Images in your Blog — and Optimize those Images

Augmenting your blog text with relevant images that support the text is always recommended, as it enhances readability and encourages reader engagement.

Optimizing these images with keyword-rich alt text is a good policy to pursue whenever utilizing blog post images. Though this alone won’t put your blog content into the SEO stratosphere, it is a good supporting strategy.

Avoid Duplicate Content and Topics

Search Engines reward fresh content and conversely, they do not like duplicated content that is contained in a blog or within website content. This can be avoided by focusing on creating blog content that is unique, compelling and practical — without repeating content or portions of content on your blog.

These are just 3 of the core practices that we pursue when creating content for our client’s blogs — and when optimizing that content for search.

We’d like to discuss more ways we can help you with your blog — from creating unique, compelling and practical content for you — to optimizing that content so searchers can find your blog/website.

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