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How to Integrate SEO in the Web Design Process.

Is your business planning a new website? If so, this is the best time to create an SEO strategy that can be implemented at the same time as your new website is being designed and built.

As both a Detroit Web Design and a Detroit SEO Company, we work with manufacturing companies, professional service firms, and other businesses all the time that need new, Innovative, result-driven websites.

For each of these businesses, our team goes to work to create a one-of-a-kind web design– while at the same time, developing an innovative, successful SEO strategy that is integrated with the new website and launched simultaneously with the release of the website.

While SEO strategies and tactics can be applied at any time in the lifeline of your website, doing it up-front — at the launch of your website — is ideal. As your new site is indexed by Google and other Search Engines, they receive a consistent SEO message from your site — with continuity as to keywords/keyword strategy, site content and links.

From a design standpoint, thinking through SEO considerations is also critically important — and often, more easy to do if it is done concurrently with developing your overall web/SEO strategy. In fact, these two are linked, such that your SEO strategy really starts with your web design strategy. These are some web design standards that should be applied up-front to support your overall SEO strategy:

  • Utilizing a responsive design that works seamlessly on all devices
  • Creating a URL structure that is organized and consistent with best practices
  • Implementing a design that supports and encourages social sharing
  • Focusing on creating themed content that is concept- or idea-focused, not keyword triggered
  • Ensuring and double checking that the new site has no broken links or other issues that reduce the quality of your website
  • Building the site around content that attracts authoritative links, rather than building it around keywords

Blending of solid web design, content creation and SEO strategies into a cohesive whole can pay off with big benefits for your business. Thinking of a new website? Now is the time to have this conversation with Aqaba Technologies. Let’s talk about what you want your website to do for your business — and how we can create a powerful SEO strategy that gets your new website noticed by those who are most important to you — your target market.

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