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SEO Email Series #6 of 6, MCP Managed Care Plan


This is the sixth of six emails that explains what steps we take on a monthly basis for our client. This topic covers the MCP (Managed Care Plan) service.

 This is an optional service but comes highly recommended by Aqaba. It’s called our MCP (Managed Care Plan) which puts our client’s minds at ease, knowing their site is being looked after, protected, updated to latest versions, and backed up every day. Click here to download  (click here to download why this is important to our clients)

Your website must be continually updated (plugins, themes, WordPress), especially WordPress. What happens if it’s not kept up to date? Your site becomes vulnerable to attacks, malware, injections, etc., that will render your website inoperable many times. This happens more frequently than you might think and can be a lengthy process (days, even weeks). In fact, there’s a very good chance a site will be attacked if these safeguards are not put in place, and done regularly.

Additionally, and no small importance, your website will get backed up every day. So in case your site is attacked or something happens unexpectedly, we have up to 90 restore points, and be up and running in minutes, rather than days, or even weeks. Keep in mind, with our basic hosting plan, you get only a 7-day backup rotation. Once it reaches the 7th day, the oldest gets overwritten. So, with the MCP, you essentially get 90 restore points (days) instead of 7!

So if you’re not on the MCP, we encourage you to do so. You’ll be glad you did.

Who: Aqaba

When: client receives a report first of every month with status updates from the previous month.

Why: Assures client that their site is [properly updated, and backups are done every day.

 Summary of events or tasks ~ responsible parties:

  • Review site to ensure updates and backups are completed. ~ Aqaba

  • If any plugin or theme is not updated, we manually intervene to make sure it is ~ Aqaba

  • Client receives a report on the first day of every month for the previous month. ~ Aqaba and client.


If you would like a sample of an MCP monthly report, call please do not hesitate to contact us either by email at or call us at 248-275-122 x121.


 Dan DeRoeck
Ph: 248-275-1222 Ex121

Toll-Free: 855-my-aqaba

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