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SEO Email Series #5 of 6: Client Dashboard


This is the fifth of six emails that explains what steps we take on a monthly basis for our SEO clients. This topic covers the Client Dashboard.

Aqaba has set up a client dashboard customized for our SEO client. This portal allows the client to log into their account to get site metrics, similar to the monthly reporting, at a glance. Such metrics as keyword rankings, organic, and PPC (if client participates).

Who: Aqaba

When: this is accessible at all times for the client to review.

Why: display monthly site metrics on an online dashboard, instead of waiting for a monthly report.

Schedule an account review with your rep for an in-depth review of our reporting system.

This is available anytime for the client to review.
If you would like more information about the client portal/dashboard, please email us at or call 248-275-1222 x 121.

Dan DeRoeck
Ph: 248-275-1222 Ex121

Toll-Free: 855-my-aqaba

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