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Introducing Managed Care Plan (MCP) for Our Clients

Your website is powered by the WordPress platform. This is ever-changing and also consists of several plugins that add value and functionality to your site.

Because your website is vulnerable from attacks, keeping your website platform secure and current with updates is essential for not only performance and functionality but to ward off would-be viruses and other online threats that are ever present in the internet environment. Getting a virus or malware could potentially render your website useless for days on end until it’s fixed unless it is managed correctly with updates.

One way to keep your website up to date is to subscribe to our Managed Care Plan (MCP). Having you under our constant care guarantees that your website will always be managed and kept current. Your web forms will be secure when your customers use the site. You will avoid the common errors that we’ve seen associated with not having your site current. This will all be resolved seamlessly under the MCP.

Protect your digital asset, treat it as insurance protecting your website.

Here is an example of the latest update to the WordPress platform, called “WordPress Core Update 5.0” that encompasses an extensive update. Without the MCP, your website would not leverage the new up and coming features and security.

Learn more about our Managed Care Plan.

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