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Michigan’s Economy is Booming – Is Your Website Ready?

A University of Michigan report released recently contains convincing proof that the Michigan economy is booming – adding jobs and new businesses at a record pace.

The report highlights specific sectors of the Michigan economy that will experience the most significant growth in 2017, in terms of new start-up businesses/current business expansion and the total number of new jobs created, as follows:


  • Professional and Business Services
  • Construction
  • Trade, Transportation, and Utilities
  • Leisure and Hospitality


The report from UM’s Research Seminar in Quantitative Research also predicts the growth of Michigan’s economy will continue throughout 2018.


As an advertising agency in Michigan, AQABA Technologies would like to ask all Michigan businesses: is your website ready to capitalize on the growth and expansion of the Michigan economy?

In other words, is your current website at its optimal best – with a cutting-edge design, with content that is fully Search Engine optimized, and with the latest features to capture the attention of your target audience?

Is your website a tool for generating new leads and ultimately, new revenue for your company?

And how does your website compare to your competition?

As web designers in Michigan, AQABA Technologies creates websites for numerous Michigan-based businesses – giving these businesses a powerful tool for optimizing their online presence.

With our focus on integrated marketing, our websites go beyond just being ‘the face of your business’; instead, we design your website to the ‘arms and legs’ of your business – doing the hard work of attracting motivated visitors to your website, building your brand and connecting your business to target market.

So with the Michigan economy roaring – is your website in the best position possible to capitalize on this growth?


If you suspect it is not – or if you’d like an objective evaluation of your current website – then let’s talk.

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