2017 Website Design Trends

As we approach mid-2017, we have noted three trends in Web Design that are popular now, as more and more web design companies are utilizing these design standards for their clients. It is interesting to note that as a Detroit Web Design Agency, Aqaba Technologies has been utilizing each of these strategies and web design tactics for more the past 18–24 months.

Like other web designers in Michigan, Aqaba Technologies finds itself in the midst of a rapid economic expansion — leading to more businesses needing new or revised websites. As trendsetters, Aqaba stays ahead of the wave, in terms of web design strategies and digital marketing implementation.

With that being said, here are some trends that we see- trends that are here for a very good reason:

Short Loop Videos

Ever gone to a website and seen so much movement that you’re not sure what to look at> Exactly. The video-on-website trend went a little overboard for awhile, but of late, the use of short loop videos that accomplish some purpose (promote a conversion, focus attention on a unique aspect of the business or website) while not taking attention away from the rest of the website have taken prominence. And for good reason- studies show that short loop videos are popular with website users and are highly effective tools for encouraging conversions.

Custom Graphics

Images that are unique to the business and its website — and not merely stock photography or images used by other businesses — are immensely popular now. And again, for good reason — you want to project the uniqueness of your business, so why use an image that any other company can use?

Aqaba Technologies has even worked with businesses who submit their own images — taken by a professional photographer, or simply taken by someone within the company who has photography experience and talents. The result is a website that is truly unique — memorable to visitors and something that the business gets excited about.

Fewer Menu Items

As websites become more visually diverse, they are also reducing the amount of text that visitors have to read to get information. This includes having fewer menu items presented to the user. Recent studies by the Neilson Normal group and other research group show that users want to cut through fewer choices to get to the information they need.

This poses a challenge to web designers and content managers alike, to craft web designs that support less content- and for content writers to condense information into its most compact format.

It is important to be working with a web design company that stays current on trends, without jumping at the latest fad that comes by. Aqaba Technologies applies solid web design principles combined with design strategies and tactics that produce results — strategies that are justified by adhering to sound principles and that are responsive to user’s demands.

Contact Aqaba Technologies today, and tell us all about what you want your website to be — and to do. We can review how some of these trends — or other trends — can be incorporating into your website.

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