A Great Year For Detroit, A Great Year For Us.

As a Detroit SEO Company serving the Detroit, Metro Detroit and Michigan region since 2004 with innovative digital marketing services, we applaud and heartily welcome positive changes to the city. We’ve been there with many local businesses and organizations, developing their digital marketing strategies and implementing campaigns that deliver results. And as an SEO Agency in Detroit, we have helped many Detroit area-based businesses gain a stronger online dominance – resulting in more business for them.


So we at AQABA Technologies say ‘Bravo Detroit’! Let’s keep up the good work, as we continue to support Detroit!


Let’s Take A Look At 2016 In Detroit


2016 was truly a banner year for Detroit, as businesses continue to re-invest in the city – in the form of people moving back into the city, new commercial and residential building development, new job creation, and extensive infrastructure development in the downtown area.


Consider these developments that were completed or initiated in 2016:


  1. Over 1,200 new apartments were rented in the 7.2-square-mile heart of Detroit, in the downtown, Midtown, Corktown, East Riverfront, Brush Part, New Center, Lafayette Park and Eastern Market neighborhoods.
  2. Eighteen new housing developments representing more than 750 units were completed in the Midtown area in 2016, with another 10 started in 2016.
  3. In the Corktown area, across for Old Tiger Stadium, a retail and residential development project moved forward, with construction beginning in 2016. Eventually, the area will boast hundreds of new residential units and retail facilities.
  4. As progress continues on the $627 million Little Caesars World Headquarters just north of downtown along Woodward Avenue, the blocks of neighborhoods around the area began adding buildings that will house new stores and offices. Eventually, the area will add hundreds of new residents and dozens of new stores and offices after the Little Caesar’s Arena – new home of the Detroit Red Wings – open in 2017.


For those who have lived near or around the city over the past decades, these changes represent the reality that this is true – and finally – the long-awaited resurgence of Detroit.  These initiatives represent long-term investments and a commitment to the city at a level that has not been realized for many, many years.


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