Digital Marketing Predictions for 2017 – Part 1

Like others in business, we at AQABA Technologies are looking ahead to 2017 with eager anticipation of great things to come.


But we’re also looking ahead at trends and recent developments that we see coming in digital marketing in 2017– trends that we, as a digital marketing agency, will seek to capitalize on as we craft forward-thinking digital marketing campaigns for our valued clients.


Here are some of our predictions for 2017 – with a comment or two about how we can capitalize on these potential upcoming developments:


  • SEO – The rapid evolution of Search Engines will include them become far more intuitive in 2017 in terms of their understanding of searcher intent. Any user of Google has likely noticed how Google will provide suggestions after you type in just two or three words into a search box – and that these suggestions are getting more and more on target.


In terms of SEO strategy, this moves us toward looking more carefully at broader keywords while setting up keyword-based campaigns – understanding that an exact match is not always needed to generate positive results on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP).


  • Google and other Search Engines will continue to improve their visual recognition capabilities for inputting a search.  While visual recognition capabilities are nothing new, industry experts see Search Engines as strengthening and refining these capabilities, to improve them to the point that they will recognize and be able to discern between close brand types of products. The image generated SERP will also provide more meaningful results as the next generation of visual recognition capabilities are developed and released in 2017.


As we have done in the past,  AQABA will continue to include image-based strategies as part of a broader SEO strategy for our clients.



  • PPC – Ad extensions will continue to exert their influence, as they reduce barriers between searchers and Search Engines by providing more targeted results in response to search queries.  In so doing, higher engagement rates will result, as searchers get what they are looking for the first time.


AQABA will continue to invest in creating compelling ad extensions for our client’s PPC campaigns, especially Message extensions (that allow us to craft compelling messages to engage searchers) and Review extensions (to leverage our clients’ positive online reviews to encourage searchers to engage with our clients).



In part 2 of our Digital Marketing Predictions for 2017, we will take a look at trends and recent developments in Content Marketing and in Social Media Marketing.




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