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Detroit Web Design Company Announce the Launch Site for Advanced Automation Systems and Robotics Solutions Provider

Detroit Web Design Company announce the Launch of  New Corporate Site for Advanced Automation Systems and Robotics Solutions Provider

Aqaba Technologies, Sterling Heights, – PARI Robotics NA, launch new website representing their North American operations.  “This project was one of great challenge” comments Aqaba President, Ramsey Sweis.  “We wanted to represent PARI as an advanced manufacturer with means of advanced tools and methods along with a thought process outside the box of traditional web design.  Our team showed great resilience in the face of adversity as we performed several video and photo shoots in 3 different countries with the use of drones as well as dealing with technical and logistical challenges that made this project as exciting as it was.  The end results from hard work and perseverance provided a solution that allowed us to navigate challenges we have never faced before”.

PARI, employs advanced technologies such as robotics, machine Vision, machine analytics and factory information systems also encompassing Industry 4.0 IoT platforms.  PARI deploys advanced engineered automation solutions that meet the global need of its customers worldwide.


Project features:  Responsive Website Design, Video Production, Integration with YouTube, Custom Graphic Animation, Google Map API Integration, Word Press CMS Platform, PHP, HTML5, Hosting

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