How To Leverage Your Online Presence.

The art of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is becoming more challenging as time goes on — with new Search Engine technologies and intricacies taking search to a new level. And while user experience, content management, and technical SEO are all still paramount to a successful SEO experience, a host of new variables have been introduced that makes keeping with SEO a formidable challenge.

As a Detroit SEO Company, Aqaba Technologies is all about constantly monitoring these variables and trends in search marketing, in order to stay ahead of the wave for our clients. For each business, our goals focus on keeping the business’ website in an optimal position online, to attract qualified traffic and to convert that traffic into new leads and eventually, new customers.

As we see it, a great SEO company can help a business in these ways:

A Website Strategy: Aiming Your Website at Achievable Results

As an SEO Agency in Detroit, we work with many manufacturing companies who are in highly competitive sectors. During our initial engagements with these companies, we are often surprised to find out that even the most goal-oriented businesses have set up websites without specific goals or achievable results in mind.

Creating a research-based web strategy for your company is something a great Digital Marketing company will do for your business — complete with a list of achievable goals. This way, you can take the most powerful digital tool out there — your website — and position it in the optimal position to do what you want it to do.

Measure Results and Making Intelligent Adjustments

Manufacturing companies are incredible results driven. Are sales and profits up? Most manufacturing companies knows the answer to these questions. As a Detroit SEO Company, we set up our client’s websites in the same way — to produce results. But to do so, we have to set up a host of metrics that can tell a business if their website is achieving results.

This is one reason why Aqaba Technologies is committed to measuring what we do. We monitor our client’s website, establish baseline metrics, and then measure these metrics over time to access the effectiveness of our search marketing initiatives. Metrics also inform us about areas where we need to make adjustments — all to improve the overall effectiveness of our client’s websites.

Staying Ahead of the Wave — Rather than Getting Buried Beneath It

An SEO firm with a team of committed SEO professionals will stay on top of trends in search marketing — leveraging their know-how to intelligently position their client’s websites in an optimal position — rather than reacting in a knee-jerk fashion, after-the-fact and after the damage is done.

Aqaba Technologies is currently monitoring several trends in search marketing — from Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) to optimizing for Voice Search — that keeps our client’s websites ahead of the wave — instead of getting buried by it.

So where do you turn for SEO Expertise?

Some businesses try to do it themselves or to hire in-house SEO specialists to manage and enhance their website’s performance through applying SEO principles. Both of these can be costly experiments — in terms of not getting results, or of paying out a lot and not getting results.

Typically, hiring a great SEO firm is typically the most cost-effective way to optimize your website for performance- a company like Aqaba Technologies.

Talk to us about your business and your website. Let’s see what we can do to turn your website into the tool you need it to be.

About the Company

Aqaba Technologies is a Detroit SEO Company and Advertising Firm, based in Sterling Heights, Michigan. We are one of the leading advertising agencies in the area, offering full SEO & PPC services, digital marketing, and web design — along with a host of other services. We would love to talk to you about website, and about your SEO and digital marketing needs and goals.

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