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Content Is Still King.

As a leading Internet Marketing Agency near Detroit, Michigan, Aqaba Technologies has been creating great content for our clients for more than a decade. We are committed to creating strong content for our clients because we understand that ‘Content is Still King’ when it comes to promoting your brand and attracting qualified traffic to your website.

Simply put, we know that creating organic content and publishing it to attract users who come to your website is an effective web strategy that if done correctly, will result in these users being converted into strong prospects.

But the question is: which content marketing strategies and tactics are most effective?

Our years of content marketing experience combined with our commitment to technical SEO ‘best practices’ have taught us a few things about what works — and what doesn’t work — when it comes to content marketing. Here is a sampling of effective content marketing strategies that Aqaba Technologies applies consistently to our clients.

Create and Stick To a Content Calendar — One of the first things we do with our clients is to create a content calendar, that ensures we publish new content on a consistent, predictable schedule. Google and other Search Engines reward timely, fresh content. Conversely, sparse or irregular posting of content can reflect poorly upon a company/website — resulting in depressed rankings.

Create Content that is Unique and Meaningful to Your Audience — In order to do this, Aqaba Technologies invests a great deal of time getting to know our client’s key differentiation — that is, what makes them different from their competition — and then we fashion a message around their core strengths. We also take time to get to know their target market — learning about hot topics in their industry, areas of need or special interest

We are then able to create meaningful, non-generic content that appeals to our client’s target market. And doing this consistently, week-after-week pays off big for our clients- as they attract new visitors who are then interested in the business’ offerings.

Include the Key Elements of Technical SEO — while content is still king, it isn’t the only thing. As a Detroit SEO Company, we understand that technical SEO is still very important to a successful digital marketing effort. Taking your targeted message and using relevant keywords in your content, paying attention to metadata elements that matter to Search Engines, and understanding searcher intent are all strategies employed by Aqaba Technologies as we craft your content. This bringing together of technical SEO and great content creates a powerful duo that has great results for our clients.

Aqaba Technologies incorporates additional elements of a strong content management strategy into our client’s websites and social media initiatives, that we would like to discuss with you. One of our Content Marketing Specialists would love to talk to your about your current website and/or social media content. Let’s talk about ways we can partner with you to make your web and social media content a powerful tool for your business.

About the Company

Since 2004, Aqaba Technologies has been a leading Internet Marketing Agency in Michigan, offering content marketing expertise, full SEO & PPC services, digital marketing, and web design services to clients from multiple industries. We would love to talk to you about your current content management strategy, your SEO and digital marketing needs and goals, your website, or any other ways we can help maximize the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives.

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