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Is Technical SEO Dead?

With all the emphasis on creating great website content, the role of technical SEO has been questioned by some content strategists. Do we still need strong technical SEO when great content can bring so much SEO value to a website? This question takes on an even bigger role for a company that has a limited budget. Should it spend its internet marketing dollar on content marketing or on technical SEO?

As a Detroit SEO company, AQABA Technologies has been providing technical SEO and SEO strategies since the ‘early days’ of SEO. We’ve grown with the seismic changes that have been brought about through the ‘upward evolution’ of SEO for more than a decade. So you might think our answer to this is Yes- the answer is technical SEO.

But as an Internet Marketing Agency in Detroit, we are also heavily vested in creating great content for our clients — as we see and appreciate the value great content gives to a company’s website presence.

So we see it this way: you need to blend great content creation with the best elements of technical SEO for the greatest impact.

AQABA Technologies will always insist that a significant part of our SEO strategy will hinge on creating compelling content for our client’s websites. We know that without great content, even the most precise technical SEO tactics will produce less than optimal results. And if you are creating relevant content that matches a searchers’ query, your website is going to get results. People will share your great content and may even link to it, which will only strengthen your website’s performance in search engines.

So at AQABA — we know all about the value of content marketing. We’ve been at it for more than a decade — getting great results for our clients.

But we also adhere to the continued importance of technical SEO. Recent estimates say that Google takes into account almost 175 factors to determine result relevance to search queries. While it is unlikely any one SEO strategy can optimize for all of these factors, AQABA understands that it is still important to optimize for the important ones.

Therefore, AQABA still places great value on conducting targeted keyword research to discover which keyword phrases will work best for your website and for your site’s content. We know that title tags and meta data still matter to search engines, so we leverage these to the fullest extent possible. Links are always important, with relevance to both SEO and content relevance.

But it is important to note that we don’t just stay there. AQABA understands that the rapid evolution of search engines will include them become far more intuitive in terms of their understanding of searcher intent. Any user of Google has likely noticed how Google already provides suggestions after you type in just two or three words into a search box and that these suggestions are getting more and more on target.

In terms of SEO strategy, AQABA is looking more carefully at broader keywords while setting up keyword-based campaigns — understanding that an exact match is not always needed to generate positive results on a Search Engine Results Page.

So AQABA’s approach is this:

  • we stress creating strong content that will bolster your site’s performance in search engines while also developing content that readers want to share;
  • a strong technical SEO strategy that captures many of the important ranking factors; and
  • stressing current SEO trends such as searcher intent when crafting internet marketing campaigns.

Talk to us about what we can do to give your business a great online presence — through great content, strong technical SEO practices, and apply the most relevant and current web strategies to your website.

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