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More Detroit Based Web Design Trends for 2017

In an earlier post, we took a look at these 6 trends to expect in web design in 2017:


  1. Websites will become more visually diverse and interesting
  2. The use of animations will increase, as websites move away from static imagery
  3. Full-screen video and virtual reality will become a bigger part of the user experience
  4. Fewer menu items will become the norm in 2017
  5. Mobile browsing will continue to increase and as a result, the need for more mobile-based apps will increase significantly
  6. Custom graphics will become more prominent.


As a Detroit Web Design company, AQABA Technologies is current on all of these trends, customizing our client’s websites to include all of the features mentioned above. Among web designers in Michigan, we are the only one to receive the designation of one of the ’10 Fastest Growing Digital Marketing Companies’ by the Silicon Review as well as being recognized by the CIO Review as one of the ’50 Most Promising Google Technology Solution Providers’ in the country.


Now, as we are a month into 2017, we see 3 additional trends that will shape web design in 2017


  • We have already noted a significant increase in the use of 360° videos on business website – as have others. Other industry experts are noting this as well – as some predicted the increased use of these last year.


Incorporating 360° video into a web design can create a memorable, interactive experience for your site visitors – and one that can create separation between your site and your competition’s website.

AQABA Technologies can advise your company on creative and effective uses of 360° video that will make your business’ website –and your business – stand out.


  • We are also noticing an increase in the number of business-grade websites that have a video with sound. This trend is not all that surprising, as people are becoming more accustomed to watching videos – even full movies – on their devices.


Web sites can provide this experience as well by using full-on videos with sound.

Providing this feature with the option to turn the sound off and on is recommended, giving viewers and option to turn off.

While video with sound may not be for all businesses, those who are committed to providing meaningful content with a professional-grade video may find this as a way to stand out from their competition.


  • Finally, we predict that 2017 will see an increase in the use of new navigation patterns. While users have grown accustomed to finding navigation options fastened to the top of the page design, more websites are experimenting with hidden or pop-up navigation that is found on the side or bottom of pages.


As with the use of 360° video and videos with sound, using unique navigation patterns may not be for all businesses.

However, the style and flavor of some businesses may find them a perfect fit.

The point is this – it is important to be working with a web design company that stays current on trends – without just jumping at the latest fad that comes by.

Integrating solid web design principles with trends that work for your business – this is what AQABA Technologies is committed to doing for your enterprise.


The best way to start is with a conversation – so let’s talk. Contact AQABA Technologies today, and tell us all about what you want your website to be – and to do.  We can review how some of these trends – or other trends – can be incorporating into your website.


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