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In last week’s post, we took a look at effective content marketing strategies that Aqaba Technologies utilizes and put into practice every day for our customers and partners. We discussed the value of combining strong content marketing strategies with solid technical SEO practices to provide the powerful duo of ‘content + SEO’. Our post lead some of our customers to ask — what is the difference between a content marketing strategy and just creating content?

As a leading Internet Marketing Agency in Detroit, Michigan that has been creating content marketing strategies for more than a decade, we know there is a big difference.

The act of creating content implies just that — that something will be written and published by the company, on a topic that they think will be relevant to their customers. Creating content alone typically does not ensure continuity, nor does it address the core mission or content objectives of the company that is creating the article or blog.

Content Marketing Strategy: Core Mission, Content Objectives, Target Audience

A content marketing strategy goes far beyond this. First and foremost, a content marketing strategy is a statement that governs your content creation activities. Its function is to help guide the company in creating content that is consistent with its core mission and content objectives.

For example, if the company wants to position itself as an industry leader in providing up-to-date information to its industry sector, the content will focus on providing higher-level, more technical information to its target market. If instead, the company’s primary objective is to promote its products and services, the content will focus more intentionally on talking about its own offerings in relation to the needs of its audience.

A content marketing strategy will also define the company’s target audience. In the example above, if the company produces products or provides services that are needed by an engineering company, the content will be written at an engineer-level. As an Internet Marketing Agency in Michigan, Aqaba creates content for many niche manufacturing companies. Our content marketing strategy for these companies dictates that we use industry-specific language that targets buyers who are highly knowledgeable about their sector.

In a nutshell, a content marketing strategy delivers the right content, with the right language, to the right people.

The strategy governs all content creation activities such that there is continuity between all content that is published. It also ensures that all content is written for a specific reason- thus avoiding the wily-nilly approach of simply creating content for the purpose of creating content.

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