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Bing Tests Social Ad Extensions

On March 18, Bing asked an important question: Can your ad do more? Bing wants to know if it can be the missing link between your Pay-per Click, and your Social Media marketing campaigns. They think so, and that’s why they’re launched testing for Bing Social Ad Extensions.

What are the Bing Social Ad Extensions?

Heck, what are Ad Extensions?
Generally, text ads are composed of three basic parts:

The Headline, URL, and Description Line(s)


Ad extensions allow users to show additional information with the text ad. Information such as phone numbers, business addresses, links to other pages on the website, etc.


Bing is trying more of a novel approach – Social Ad Extensions. This new type of ad extension will give advertisers the link their ad to different social media profiles. Bing wants to help you turn potential customers into conversions over social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.


What’s your take on Bing’s new test of Social Ad Extensions? Will this be a game changer for your marketing strategy?

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John Sturgeon
Internet Marketing Specialist
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