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Choosing The Perfect Google Ads Agency For Your Business

Before considering how to find the best Google Ads agency for your business, we should review a couple of assumptions. For instance, the reason you will need a Google Ads agency to manage your ad campaigns is that Google Ads is the number one pay-per-click advertising system in the world, and they’re in the first place by a lot. Pay-per-click advertising consists of the display of ads that are returned on search results pages before the organic search results, and an advertiser only pays for this advertising if a searcher clicks on that specific ad.

While you might get fair results from almost any advertising agency, when your campaign ads are managed by a superior Google Ads agency, you can really get some fantastic results. That’s why it’s very much to your advantage to find just the right Google Ads agency for your business, and here are some questions you should ask of any candidate before deciding on the best fit for your business.

Is the Agency Certified for Google Ads?

Google awards certifications to agencies that are able to demonstrate expertise and proficiency in managing Google Ads and the only way to earn the certification is to enroll in their online training program which is called Academy for Ads. Any agency (like Aqaba) which owns one of these certifications will have demonstrated tremendous credibility amongst a whole slew of average online advertisers. It isn’t easy to earn the certification, but it should be a good starting place for qualifying any Google Ads agency candidate.

Do they Have any Other Certifications?

Any credible digital marketing agency will seek out additional certifications after having earned their Google Ads certification because it demonstrates a desire to continually improve and grow. After having earned their Google Ads certification, any really good candidates should proceed on and take the next step to become a certified Google Partner. To earn this level of certification, an agency will have to demonstrate excellent performance by delivering company growth and showing strong client performance.

Can they Show You Case Studies?

Regardless of how thorough and comprehensive, any advertising process is, it’s really only as good as the results it achieves in digital marketing. As an indicator of past results, a good Google Ads agency should be able to provide case studies that clearly show how their process produced outstanding results for a number of clients. Don’t get overwhelmed by what sounds like a powerful course of action to boost your revenue and bring in more leads, because as the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding.

One of the best ways for any Ads agency to show successes they’ve achieved in the past is through case studies. A good case study will feature a specific client and identify what their goals and objectives were, and then discuss how the agency brought about a great solution with compelling results. This all tends to point up an agency’s experience in the online marketing field and can give you a little more confidence in their level of expertise.

Do They Work within Your Particular Industry?

To be a really good fit for your business, any Google Ads agency should already have worked in your specific industry, and they should have been able to achieve some success in those efforts. If they haven’t worked in your industry before, it would at least be helpful if they have some experience in a related field, or if they have worked with clients similar to your own business. While this may not be an absolutely essential requirement, it will be one that makes you feel more confident about collaborating with them.

Does the Agency Specialize in PPC?

Beware of any agency which says they can do it all, i.e. they can handle any kind of advertising campaign on any platform. Maybe the company you’re talking with is proficient at social media marketing, email marketing, website design, and print media, but that’s not really what you’re looking for in an advertising agency.

PPC is not just another form of advertising, and the only way to really become an expert at it is to make it your company’s specialty. It’s necessary to continually practice your craft, become more educated, and learn and grow in the field of PPC advertising, or you’ll simply be left behind by those other companies who are experts.

Do they Use Google Analytics?

Google Analytics has pretty much become the gold standard in terms of tracking metrics, and without metrics, you’ll never know how well you’re doing. Google Analytics is great at collecting information about user interactions with your website, for instance, the pages which are visited the most, how many visitors you have, where they’re from, the pages they’ve read, and how long visitors stayed on any given page. All this information is compiled in reports that you can review at your leisure, and it provides crucial data that you need for decision-making.

Do They Have a Tracking System for Goal Measurement?

Even if a Google Ads agency makes good use of Google Analytics, that won’t be enough to ensure that your goals are being met. Any really good Ads agency should also have a full tracking system in place which can be used to ensure that all your objectives are being met. This tracking system should be capable of monitoring calls, specific pages, types of devices, purchases, chats, form fills, predictive indicators, and manual conversions. All this tracking is necessary because it doesn’t generally happen that a customer will see your ad and click on it, then immediately make a purchase.

What Does the Agency Consider To Be a Conversion?

Some agencies will consider every form fill, online chat, and phone call to be a conversion, but that’s probably not going to be adequate for your business. For example, a number of phone calls that you get could be complaints, or users talking about a problem they’re having with your product. For such reasons, you just can’t consider every touchpoint or form of contact a conversion, and any Google Ads agency you work with should have a more accurate definition of a conversion.

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