Google Ramps Up Analytics Security

Google has announced recently that it has heard your concerns, and has taken it to heart. It has made Google Analytics fully secure. Google is now will be, for all sites using Google Analytics, securing all traffic communications whether or not the site has an HTTPS.

Why go through all this trouble? Google says that it’s doing this in order to keep everyone’s data safe.

What’s it mean for you?

Google knows the HTTPS-encrypted traffic will be slower compared traffic that’s not encrypted, That being said, Google Analytics may not be able to catch those ultra short visits. Basically, if a user visits a page, and leaves  in under a second; the Google Analytics tracking pixel may not necessarily fire in time to record the visit on that page.

What else do you need to keep in mind? Firewalls can block encrypted traffic to fend off traffic that may be harmful, and some block HTTPS visits. So,if the user visiting your site is behind a firewall, Analytics may not be able to capture any of that session’s information.

The Final Word

I’ve heard from both the advocates, and critics. Opponents will say “these changes will skew that data in Google Analytics, and how will be able to trust the data?” While proponents will respond by saying that “slight skew in the data is a small price for having all of the traffic being encrypted, and securing our clients’ and users’ information.”

And me? I’m leaning more towards the proponents. As an Internet Marketing Specialist it may make things a little more difficult, but I’d much rather have that than have to worry about my clients’ security. To quote a beloved movie “It’s all about the greater good”

Smart Technology is Smart Business

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John Sturgeon
Internet Marketing Specialist
Aqaba Technologies

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