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What To Do Before Hiring an SEO Firm

So your company is growing, and you’re thinking of hiring an SEO firm to enhance your online presence.  Your first inclination might be to just go out and hire a local or regional SEO company. Luckily in the internet age, you don’t have to pick a company based on what is closest to your business locally. You can go with the best, that is why as a Detroit SEO Company we can provide exceptional service nationally.  But before you do that, here are some things to think through, that will make your choice of which SEO company to choose even clearer:

  • What exact services do you need from the SEO company?

Are you looking for an SEO audit, ongoing SEO, link building, PPC management, content marketing, or something else?  While most SEO companies can provide a host of services, they tend to be stronger in one service area than the other.

By identifying your primary SEO needs, you can target which companies are able to best meet those needs.

  • What are your goals, and how can the work of an SEO company help you achieve those goals?

Are you primarily seeking to increase leads by a certain percentage over the next few months? Or is increased rankings for keywords your main goal, so you can start appearing in a higher position than your main competitors?  Or are you also targeting an increase in sales?

By determining your primary goals, you’ll be able to target the companies that can deliver to meet those goals. For example, if you are looking to increase leads and/or sales in a rather short period of time, you may opt for a company that specializes in PPC advertising. If your company had some negative press at one point, then you may focus in on an SEO company who is great at reputation management.

The important thing is this- you want to match your goals to the company that can best meet those goals.

  •  Do you prefer working with a team of SEO specialists – or do you prefer the one-on-one approach?

Some larger SEO firms may provide a team of specialists for you to work with. For example, they may have an SEO specialist, a PPC specialist, and a link building specialist. Other smaller, more intimate firms may have experts who can cross disciplines, to provide full-service SEO work for your firm.

It is important to know which is your preference before you begin your search. That way, you can end with the right sized company for you to work with.


About the Company

AQABA Technologies is a Detroit SEO Company, based in Sterling Heights, Michigan.  We are one of the leading advertising agencies in the area, offering full SEO & PPC services, digital marketing, and web design – along with a host of other services.  We would love to talk to you about your SEO and digital marketing needs and goals.





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