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In the world of marketing, focusing on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) usually means researching keywords and competitors for a generally wide audience. While Aqabatech has mastered this approach, we also tackle things differently using local SEO to our (and your) advantage.

But, what exactly is local SEO? It’s what it sounds like – targeting customers who fall into the geographical radius of your business. Here are five tips for understanding how to craft a local SEO strategy to make it easier for local customers to find you.

1. Update your online business information

Over 90% of internet searches happen on Google, so it’s a good idea to create a ‘Google My Business’ account and keep it updated. Use keywords in your business description and posts. You’ll be able to add photos and local content posts here which will drive traffic to your website. Another way to capture more traffic is by creating a ‘Bing Places for Business’ profile on Bing.

2. Create content focused on your local audience

Focus on the customer you’re trying to target by including relevant keywords in the content you produce for your website. Think about what a customer might search for and add these keywords into natural sentences in text. For example, if you sell burgers in New York, potential customers might search for “best burgers in New York” or “burgers near me”. Ensuring relevant keywords, like where you are and what you offer, appear in your website content will help you rank higher over time.

3. Do your research on trending keywords

The popularity of keywords changes over time and by area so it’s imperative to do your research often. Find strong keywords using Google Trends or an online tool and work these words into your content.  Our go-to tool is SpyFu.

4. Competition can be inspiring

Take a look at what your biggest competitors are doing and research their best practices for inspiration. This is not a copy-and-paste exercise, but you might be surprised by what you find.

5. Encourage and moderate customer ratings and reviews

Positive reviews help your business rank higher. Social proof that your business is great signals to search engines that you’re valuable to users. Try offering discounts or running an email campaign to persuade past customers to leave you a review. Respond to and engage with these reviews as much as you can to further strengthen your SEO standing.

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