SEO or Google AdWords Agency? Which is Best for Your Business?

Businesses want to have a greater online presence than their competitors – this is a given.

But how to get there is not always that simple to discern. A basic question that often arises is: which strategy will get my business on page 1 of Google more effectively – SEO or a Google AdWords campaign?


As a Michigan AdWords Agency, we create effective AdWords campaigns for our clients that typically land them on page 1 of Google in a relatively short amount of time.  But we are also a Michigan SEO Company, who help our clients by implementing a well-designed optimization campaign – that also land our client’s websites on page 1 of Google.


So which is best?


The answer to that depends on what you have more of – money to invest in an AdWords campaign, or time to wait for the SEO strategies and tactics to be recognized by Google and rewarded with strong rankings on Google.

Being both a Michigan Adwords Agency and a Michigan SEO Company – our answer is: “It Depends” and “Both”! So as not to confuse you, lets us explain:


“It Depends”


Simply put, an AdWords campaign (also called a PPC campaign) can produce results relatively quickly for a number of keywords that are important to your business. But since AdWords is, at its most basic level, a complex ‘auction’ where bids are placed on selected keywords, a daily budget is required to get some of your keywords appearing as Ads on Search Engine Results Pages (or SERPs, for short).

While a more conservative daily budget can produce results, often more budget is needed to bolster your results. Hence, it does take some commitment to an AdWord’s investment.

If your budget is limited and time is not a pressing issue, an SEO campaign may be exactly what the doctor ordered. An SEO campaign designed by an SEO expert or by a company that excels in SEO typically will produce page 1 results for many of your keywords as well – in the organic listings, of course – it just takes more time to get there. This time often includes some testing (to find out what works), some campaign adjustments, and some level of trial-and-error to finally hone in on a strong SEO campaign.




Part 2 of our answer to the question – what is the best tactic, AdWords or SEO – is plain and direct: The Answer is Both!

Combining the strength of an intelligently-crafted AdWords campaign, geared toward producing quick results in terms of ‘getting noticed’ and driving conversions, with an ‘over-the-long-term’ strategy of a well-designed SEO campaign can produce some dynamic results!

Often, there is a synergy between both campaigns, that can be leveraged as well. For example, having a similar keyword focus between both types of campaigns can be an effective strategy.

So – which type of campaign in best for your business? While we recommend ‘both’, it is worth thoughtful consideration to see which is best for your business.


We can help you think through this decision – while providing insight and expertise from our 12+ years of experience as a Michigan Adwords Agency and as a Michigan SEO Company.

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