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It is common to find blog posts and articles that espouse the value of working with a particular internet marketing agency, or with an internet marketing agency that has certain traits or characteristics that make it the real deal.

But is there value in working with an agency that is located in a specific state, city or region? That is, does ‘location-location-location’ matter – especially if that location is similar to your business’ locale?

We say – absolutely!

So we return to our original question:  As a Michigan-based business – Is there added value in working with an Internet Marketing Agency in Michigan?

Even more specifically, if you’re a Detroit area-based business – is there added value in working with an Internet Marketing Agency in Detroit?


Here are two reasons why the answer to both of these questions is a resounding YES!


  1. A Michigan-based Internet Marketing Agency will have a far greater understanding of the dominant industry sectors in the region and the economic factors that affect them.


This regional know-how and expertise can translate into the Agency more intelligently positioning your business to excel within Michigan and the surrounding states, as well as in your industry sector or sectors.

Amplify this value of this if the Agency works within your city. So an Internet Marketing Agency in Detroit would understand the ebb-n-flow of the city, understanding the feel and direction and optimism that is encompassing Detroit now – and can translate this into far more targeted and effective marketing initiative for your Detroit-based business.

An outside-the-region provider may be able to supplement their lack of experience within Michigan or Detroit through research – but – don’t count on it. As the saying goes, ‘There’s no place like home.”


  1. A Michigan-based and/or Detroit-based agency will have a greater understanding of the ‘digital landscape’ of the region, including factors that contribute to effective local search and mobile search strategies.


As local search is incredibly important for many types of businesses, such as those with a limited geographic reach, having familiarity with the Michigan region and metro Detroit area will help the Agency craft local campaigns that work.

And while there are effective mobile strategies that can be applied across all regions, a first-hand knowledge of the Michigan/metro Detroit area can contribute to even more effective campaigns. As an example, familiarity with the region’s industry sectors and with the ‘local logo’ related to these sectors can go a long way in selecting strong keywords for a Mobile-based PPC campaign.


Can you find an outside the region provider that can duplicate the effectiveness of a Michigan-based or Detroit-based Agency?  Possibly. But unless the firm is diligent to research and gain a greater understanding of your area, this is a situation where the lack of home field advantage can result in a loss for your business.


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