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New Church Website: Classical & Contemporary

The St. Mary Christian Orthodox Church of Berkley, Michigan has sought after Aqaba Technologies for an all-encompassing responsive website design. The Church requests a modern web design that is easy to navigate for the parishioners and can be accessed from mobile phones, tablets and desktops.

The Orthodox Christian Church is the oldest and second largest Christian group in the world, rooting trace back to the first century Antioch, where the disciples of Jesus Christ were first called ‘Christians.’ Located at 3212 West Twelve Mile Rd., Father Nabil Fino services three Sunday Services at the Church.

Honoring the long-established Church, Aqaba is designing the website as classically conservative but by way of contemporary technological capabilities. The new site will include abilities for parishioners to stay updated by accessing the Church’s weekly bulletin, read The Parish Magazine, and view photos of recent church events. An exciting feature that St. Mary will be capable of is recording video and audio of services and then uploading them to the site for the community to watch elsewhere.

The website design will allow the church itself to bring the site’s content up to date and receive web form inquiries. Crafting the website to be responsive will offer optimal viewing on any mobiles devices, tablets and desktops. Additionally, a calendar of events will be uploaded ensuring that parishioners know the latest events, activities and any news of youth groups and Sunday school from on-the-go or at home!

It is an honor to work with Father Nabil Fino and the St. Mary Orthodox Church of Berkley, Aqaba anticipates the easy to navigate Church site to be a big hit with the parishioners, no matter the age. We are especially eager for this design, as it is a mix of conservative and modernism, proving that Aqaba can deliver success no matter the challenge.

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