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Master Your Off-Page SEO

Off-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategy that emphasizes content creation, the building of relationships and off-line credibility, and link creation to support and optimize the experience for your business’ prospects as well as for search engines.

Off-page SEO can be a valuable strategy that supports your business’ on-site SEO initiatives while also strengthening your brand’s offline footprint.

The goal of off-page SEO is to accumulate positive signals and interactions with your brand across multiple channels, with a focus on digital and social media venues.

When done correctly, off-page SEO will lead to increased traffic to your website, improved search engine rankings, and more positive brand mentions via Social Media and other channels.

What are Some Off-page SEO Strategies that Will Benefit Your Business?

While there is some discussion about which off-page SEO strategies and tactics works best, there are some solid strategies that should be pursued by any business interested in having a strong offline footprint.

As a Detroit SEO Company, Aqaba Technologies has been creating strong off-page SEO strategies for our clients for over a decade. And while off-page SEO is not as easy to implement as on-page SEO, here are two strategies and tactics that we implement with our clients:

Responsive Social Media Presence

There was a time when just ‘being present’ on Social Media was a valid off-page SEO strategy. However, as more and more businesses set up Social Media accounts and posted to these channels sporadically, people have become savvier in their interaction with Social Media.

This is why we help businesses establish a responsive Social Media presence– one that is characterized by monitoring of all Social Media accounts and interacting with the people who visits those accounts by responding to comments and questions. The goal here is to establish a genuine interaction between the business and those who express an interest in the business via Social Media.

Building Content Authority & Influencing Influencers

When we engage with a business, one of the first things we evaluate is how influential the business is within its a) industry and b) target market. Is the business known within its industry as a leader, as an established and respected company, or as an ‘up-n-comer’? Is there room for improvement and if so — where should we be targeting our efforts?

We don’t do this to be critical of the business, but rather to establish a baseline and to set up goals for publishing meaningful, targeted content that will build the business’ content authority.

As this strategy is pursued over time, the business starts getting noticed and in some cases, attracts the notice of industry influencers — those individuals and groups who have a huge reach in terms of name recognition, followers, and connections.

It is important to note that creating a responsive social media presence, building content authority and influencing influencers doesn’t just happen — it has to be planned, as part of a strategy whose end goal is to strengthen off-page SEO and build brand power.

Talk to us about your current off-page SEO strategy — or if you don’t currently have one, let us create one for you.

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