Google’s New Attribution Software. In Review

At Google’s Marketing Next conference, the company introduced a new free tool that offers marketers a clearer picture of the success of their marketing efforts — Google Attribution. The tool helps users to examine the role that different marketing strategies and initiatives play in customer purchasing decisions.

The roll out of Google Attribution is partly in response to the inherent shortcomings associated with previous last-click models. Up until Google Attribution, marketers would have to credit any sale or customer activity to the last click or touch-point that the company had with a customer. The assumption that the purchase of items was only in response to their last-click was both incomplete and faulty. It also denied the marketer important information related to what happened that lead up to the sale — things that may have influenced the buyer’s decision.

As the name implies, Google Attribution is all about attributing marketing results to the proper channels. Driven by new machine learning-powered methods, Google Attribution promises to enable marketers to gain a greater understanding of the contribution of their marketing efforts — individually, and as they work in concert with one another.

In practice, the tool works by unifying data that is taken in across AdWords, Google Analytics, and DoubleClick Search. It then analyzes the performance of running a company’s attribution model across devices and channels. Google Attribution then automatically sends the results back to marketers for reporting and optimization of campaigns.

As Google Attribution is fully rolled out in the months to come, greater clarity will emerge relative to its full potential. We will continue to track its progress and periodically report on features of the new tool. For now, Google is promoting Attribution as an easy-to-use tool that has copious integrations at no cost to users.

As a leading Internet Marketing Agency in Michigan, Aqaba Technologies is excited about Google Attribution — as well as the other new tools released by Google and announced at the Marketing Next conference on May 23rd. Many of the new tools are focused on, or integrated with, AdWords. For example, Google Optimize and Google Survey’s 360 will be integrated with AdWords, which will allow marketers to test landing pages and gain insights about ads more efficiently. As a Google AdWords Certified Partner, Aqaba Technologies will be integrating these new tools into our AdWords strategies and initiatives for our clients.

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