How Internet Marketing Can Transform Your Business

Most businesses do not fully understand the importance of leveraging the internet can lead to the growth of their business. So we are going to cover a few basics that business owners should know.

In previous years, the basic business model was “brick and mortar” and a handshake agreement. This business construct definitely had its place on various levels, but it’s important to transition to an inbound marketing model. We’re now in a generation where that handshake is an electronic signature, and the brick and mortar is a web address and personas using social media; getting your business website to rank for your niche keywords is now the way.

Internet marketing has become a prominent vehicle for marketing, and we want to share with you, a few ways it can benefit your company:

Cost Savings

The old model was allocating the majority of a marketing budget to printing marketing materials, and utilizing TV and radio ads. The new model is now to use email, social media, and online ads to make marketing announcements.

Internet marketing is one of the most efficient ways to save money when it comes to advertising your business, and it is also the most cost-effective. Not only can you save money on initial campaigns, but recurring ones as well after tracking your response and performance.

Which brings us to our next point.

Results Tracking

If you’re sending out direct mail, there’s no way to track who actually opened the mail, read the mail all the way through, or simply threw it away. With internet marketing, though, you can track every detail.

Nothing beats the benefits of analytical reporting when it comes to a marketing campaign – but only internet marketing can give you this accurate portrayal which is essential for lead generation.

This includes reports from email campaigns, website traffic (such as page views and web activity), social media traffic, and other forms of digital marketing.

Broad Reach

There are ever so many televisions a TV ad could be seen by, or homes a marketing pamphlet can arrive to. But when you incorporate the digital sphere with things such as Facebook ads and YouTube (which gets 30 million visitors per day), you have now opened yourself up to an audience that’s not only more diverse, but can be potentially worldwide.

Internet marketing is all about reach. The more reach, the greater the opportunity for your company to expand and grow.

Our internet marketing agency in Detroit has seen time and time again the amazing results that can come from marketing on the internet. The potential for marketing exposure and successful lead generation is almost beyond measure.

What’s the bottom line? Traditional marketing must be combined that with a solid internet marketing campaign to compete.

Aqaba Technologies is a leader for Detroit internet marketing specializing in a wide range of services to promote companies through the digital sphere. As technology advances, and consumer activity becomes more sophisticated and intricate, internet marketing is expected to take on a whole new spectrum of influence in the coming days for businesses.

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