Five Ways Blockchain Will Impact Search Marketing

Blockchain takes pride in its tremendous impact in the advertising industry. ‘Block’ and ‘Chain’ in the context of this industry, is referring to digital information ‘Block’ stored in a public database ‘Chain”. It is better known as the robust technology behind BitCoin.

It is now starting to “inch” its way into other industries and making its impact known.

With this in mind, it is interesting to see the impact Blockchain has in the advertising industry. Listed below are some of the changes it aims to revolutionize.


  • aims to make ads trustworthy
  • delivering ad transparency
  • will revolutionize ad payments
  • helps in the success of new advertising ecosystems
  • will reshape customer experience

“Blockchain’s disruptive nature is changing the nature of digital advertising regardless of whether some professionals hear about it or not, however, meaning it’s imperative to catch up on how this technology is changing the industry if you want to remain competitive.”

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