Common Errors To Avoid When Setting Up WordPress

WordPress, throughout the years, has evolved from being a simple blogging tool to a robust Content Management System (CMS). As a matter of fact, many of the top brands today use WordPress. And don’t forget, there are two versions of WordPress, one is a paid version ( WordPress.com ) and not self-hosted, the other and more preferred ( WordPress.org ) is self-hosted, uses your domain, and has many more features. We will be referring to the best version here.

Not only is it known for its robust features, but it is also widely applauded for its client-friendly user interface. People of all abilities can utilize WordPress as it is flexible enough to help you make your own website. These are the main reasons WordPress has grown so much in popularity.

Despite the ease in use of this CMS, many still commit the same minor errors when installing WordPress for their website. Many of these errors, no matter what your skill level, are notably repeated offenses; many may even break the site altogether.


  • Permalinks are not set up properly
  • WordPress updates are not managed
  • Excessive use of plugins can cause numerous errors later on
  • Make your changes in the ‘child theme’ to avoid future update errors
  • Be sure to delete content the correct way
  • Always delete the default content, i.e. “Hello World”

“WordPress, as a CMS, is great for people who are just starting with their first website. It doesn’t require users to write code, it’s SEO friendly and easy to manage. Still, there are a few mistakes many beginners make in WordPress.”

“Although you may have noticed a few things listed here that do not just mistake beginners to make. Make sure you avoid these and you’re well underway working on your WordPress site.”

Original Source: https://yoast.com/common-beginner-mistakes-in-wordpress/

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