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Client Update: 3D Maxillofacial Imaging Centers

3D Maxillofacial Imaging Centers of Troy, Michigan desires a website that is as innovative as their services. Aqaba has the pleasure work with such an evolving company like 3D Maxillofacial Imaging Centers to create a new responsive web design that is computer, tablet and mobile friendly.

The radiologists and technologists at 3D Maxillofacial Imaging Centers are highly qualified and have advanced special training. 3D Maxillofacial Imaging Centers offers highly advanced diagnostics imaging services and 3D Cone Beam CT scans. The state-of-the-art imaging systems are the most advanced, high-resolution imaging systems, Cone Beam Technology, available in the Metro Detroit area.

The new web design will have separate interfaces for B2B and B2C so that site visitor experience will be clear and concise. For public patients (B2C) the site will provide information about the imaging technology, Frequently Asked Questions, as well as risks and benefits, what to expect and contact information. For professionals (B2B) the site lays out the impact of Cone Beam 3D Technology and how it benefits doctors and dentists as well as a portal for registering for seminars. The entire site will be an informational tool with all custom imaging that will enhance patients and professionals experience with 3D Maxillofacial Imaging Centers.

Aqaba is excited to be partnering with such a notable ground breaking service. The new website design will provide a Content Management System for 3D Maxillofacial Imaging Centers that will aid their B2B and B2C relationships. The site will have the latest and greatest responsive features that will enable patients and professionals to access the optimized site from wherever they may be. We are delighted to be working with Dr. Kaspo and his staff and show the medical industry what Aqaba is all about!

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