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Choosing A Professional SEO Company

The professional SEO company that you choose can have an impact on your finances and on your business. The type of SEO company that you choose can determine how customer traffic and revenue will be generated. It can also determine how your website will be ranked in a search result and improve a user’s experience. Here are several tips that can help you decide what SEO company to choose:

Know What SEO Is and What Is Not

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of optimizing your website so that it can show up in a search result and generate customer traffic. It is a difficult process that can be misunderstood by many people who claim they know how a search engine’s algorithms work. However, search engine algorithms are constantly modified, so one cannot truly know how they always work. Thus, if people truly know how the algorithms work, then they are observant, have attention to detail, and understand how search engines perform their queries according to keywords.

SEO is not putting many keywords into a web page so that it can show up in a search result. It is also not cloaking, which is presenting differing information between a user and a search engine or including shortcuts to different parts of your website. These practices are considered Black Hat SEO because they infringe regulations for search engines. If a search engine’s bots discover that your website uses any of these techniques, then they will decrease the potential traffic that your website can generate by demoting your website to a lower ranking or making it appear in the lower pages of a search.

Understand What Are Your SEO Needs

The common goal of increasing customer traffic is an ambiguous goal because an increase in customer traffic does not necessarily contribute to an increase in revenue. To combat this issue, brainstorm with your team what your goals of using SEO are.

Your goals can include increasing sales of the products on your website through the usage of certain keywords. They can also include increasing the revenue that you make from advertisements through an audience that spends a certain amount of time on your website. Your goal may be to promote your social media pages so potential customers can follow them. When you choose an SEO company, know what kind of results you are expecting and what services you will be using.

Find an SEO Company Based on Word of Mouth and Testimonials

When you search for an SEO company, it is likely that the company has paid for a high ranking on the search result so that they will show up on the first page. This is because the company does not work on optimizing its own website since it is already optimizing websites for its customers.

Some SEO companies have loyal clients who have referred new members to them for similar services. If an SEO company needs more loyal clients, then it is likely that they will start using keywords on their own websites so that they can have a high ranking on search results.

Some SEO company results can be biased. For instance, a company can pay to have a high ranking on a search result, but another company can already have an immense volume of customer traffic such that it does not need to buy its own rank. Because of this, SEO company lists can be skewed and may not be reputable.

Rather than using a search engine, you can use word-of-mouth communication to find a trustworthy SEO company. Ask people who are in a similar service field as you but are not your competition. Similar businesses to yours will have likely already chosen a reliable SEO company, so you can ask them for references. You can also read their testimonials to see how they helped their current client base and how these clients rate their services.

Know the Kinds of Metrics that You Need from a Firm

After brainstorming what your SEO goals are and what a few potential SEO companies are, you need to define a clear way of measuring your advancement so that you can reach an end goal or objective.

Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, are a type of metric that varies in context for SEO. It can apply to a number of different parameters with regards to traffic, what customers do on your website or keyword rankings. When you choose an SEO company with your team, choose one that can deliver the results and metrics that you need for your business to grow. This is because some KPIs are more crucial for your company than others, and an SEO company can select and deliver only the ones that you need in an understandable format. Here are some types of KPIs:

  • Organic sessions are the number of people who visit your website through a search. This can be extended to include how many unique customers visit your site, how long they are on a page, and how quickly they leave the site.
  • The conversion rate refers to what percent of customers interact with the content on your website, such as purchasing a product or clicking on buttons.
  • Keyword ranking relates to how certain keywords affect your ranking in a search result and how your ranking has changed.
  • Search engine indexing can affect how your website is ranked. If content cannot be indexed, your site will have a low ranking.
  • Website performance, such as loading time, can affect how quickly people leave your site.

Communication Is Key with an SEO Company

A professional SEO company can effectively deliver SEO metrics to you in a way that you understand so you do not need to decipher the metrics yourself. Meeting your objectives is key and requires patience and time.


A professional SEO company like Aqaba Technologies is capable of delivering adequate KPIs and does not rely on Black Hat SEO to perform their services. With the right strategy and the right milestones, your website can grow through SEO.

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