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SEO Email Series #1 of 6, Content Preparation and Staging

This will be the first of six emails that explains the steps we take to maintain and advance your website for SEO. Each email is used to describe the overall process, and the Who, When, and Why. This topic covers content preparation and staging.


Content is of the utmost importance, and therefore a logical choice as the first step of the month. It’s important to get a steady flow of new, unique content. In fact, out of all the work we take on your website, content is at or near, the top or priorities.

Who: some client participation and Aqaba.

When: establish content topics and schedule the beginning of each month.

Why: content is prepared and written to aid site ranking and authority metrics for the site.

Summary of events or tasks ~ responsible parties:

  • Review content from previous month ~ Aqaba
  • Prepare topics for the new month (using any resources provided by client) ~ Aqaba
  • Select keywords for new topic ~ Aqaba
  • Discuss with writer(s) the new assignments ~ Aqaba
  • Define target dates with writer ~ Aqaba


After target dates are established, the writer(s) will begin to create content for assigned work. We stay in contact with the writers over the month to make sure assignments are moving along and reach target date(s).

If you would like more information about content, please email us at or call 248-275-1222 x 121.

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