Merge Your Marketing Initiatives.

From our experience, companies who want to have a productive online presence choose to emphasize either Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) campaigns or Pay- Per-Click campaigns – but nary shall the two ever meet.


That is, it seems to have become a one-or- none proposition: business will either put their digital marketing budget into SEO…or they’ll put all their proverbial marketing budget eggs into the PPC basket.


Which leads us to the question – why?


Our experience has taught us this – that typically if a company has a somewhat limited budget, they will opt to set their attention on SEO because – on paper – getting positive organic rankings appears to be ‘free’. (In fact, we know this not to be the case – because if a website is ranking well, much work has gone into positioning and optimizing that website to produce such positive results).


Those with a few more marketing dollars to spend will typically lean toward running PPC campaigns, to get results more quickly than SEO initiatives afford.


While we understand this approach, we see great value in bringing continuity between SEO and PPC activities for a single company.


In other words, we are suggesting … instead of choosing just one, why not both?

That is, why not split your marketing dollars between an effective SEO campaign to produce organic results and an equally effective PPC campaign to bring clicks to your website or landing pages?


Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly


As a Google AdWords Certified Partner and a Michigan AdWords Agency, we understand the pinpoint accuracy that a well-designed, well-implemented PPC campaign can afford – meeting potential customers at the exact moment they are looking for your product or service.


But also as a Michigan Search Engine Optimization company, we understand the value that a well-optimized website can produce over the long haul.

So again, we ask – why one or the other? Why not both?


We’d love to talk to you about combining your SEO and PPC initiatives into a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that builds upon the synergy between SEO and PPC.

We have many ideas to share.


Give us a call and…let’s talk SEO and PPC, together like Peanut Butter and Jelly!

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