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How Aqaba is Innovating with AI

Aqaba is like many other companies around the US these days, in the sense that it is integrating the use of AI into its marketing initiatives more and more all the time. Some of the most tedious tasks in marketing are well suited to the kind of value that AI can bring to the table, and this frees up human counterparts to perform some of the more creative tasks. Artificial Intelligence can help to automate a great many tasks that formerly had to be done tediously by humans, and this helps Aqaba and many other agencies to optimize market spend. This can be a critical advantage, given that many organizations are obliged to budget marketing costs fairly strictly.

A recent survey found that 66% of agencies do have plans to involve AI in their marketing processes and strategies over the next year. That is undoubtedly because many managers and executives have recognized the efficiencies gained by including AI in the mix. As a result, organizations all around the country are now beginning to experiment with ways to use AI in their processes. Some of the ways AI might be used include using it in organizational communications, moderating content and brand safety, and implementing it in creative products. Assuming many of those experiments turn out well, we can expect AI marketing to become tightly integrated with marketing initiatives in the very near future.

The creative aspect

However, it should not be assumed that AI is only capable of automating processes and handling mundane, tedious tasks. It can also be surprisingly creative when set up correctly. Some organizations have successfully created a great deal of new content simply by feeding appropriate data points or triggers to the AI software – and the content gets prepared in seconds. It can be a very powerful tool and the real beauty of it is that it can add an entirely new perspective to generating content. Already, the amazing power of AI machine learning has been used to produce writing content, musical content, and a whole host of other visuals that previously had to be created by much slower humans.

It is an exciting time for Aqaba and other organizations, simply from the creative aspect of using AI’s innovative marketing capabilities. All kinds of possibilities have presented themselves, and thus far, AI has performed remarkably well at satisfying the needs of users, and with lightning speed. That kind of production and that kind of responsiveness are both qualities that have always been highly valued by businesses. There is no question that AI can accomplish a great many tasks better than humans, and the improvement is obvious in all the repetitive, tedious tasks. However, with AI growing more sophisticated every day, it is also making inroads into more creative tasks as well.

Content moderation

Another area where AI is beginning to see much greater usage is in the area of content moderation. With the volume of content available on the Internet and through news media growing exponentially, there is no way that humans can stay abreast of all this content to make meaningful evaluations. AI has stepped into the fray nicely since it has the capability of reading and assessing content at much greater speeds than humans, and that means conclusions can be drawn in a more timely fashion. These conclusions can then be incorporated into the next round of important business decisions that have to be made.

Given that it has a much greater capacity for evaluating the avalanche of content on the Internet, AI is being used extensively for content moderation these days. As the world becomes more and more digital, this flood of data will only increase, and that positions AI nicely to handle this increasing volume of data and make sense of it all. This can also be extremely helpful in the area of company reputation management. Since AI can read and digest all kinds of content available about a company, it can also make recommendations to the company about how to change public perception. This might take years for humans to accomplish, but AI software can literally make these assessments in seconds or minutes. It’s safe to say that artificial intelligence is quickly becoming a game-changer for Aqaba and a great many other organizations.

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