The Launch of Google Analytics 360 Suite

Announching Google Analytics 360 Suite

Google, on March 15, 2016, introduced the world to its newest package of data and marketing products, called Google Analytics 360 Suite. Google calls this “An enterprise-class solution for multi-screen world.” Our technologies have been advancing so quickly, as is the way we market to consumers, we analyze data across the many different platforms and devices — every day we look up businesses on computers at one moment, tablets at another, and cell phones as we run out the door. Our daily lives are packed with all sorts of micro-moments, and Google Analytics 360 Suite will help marketers capitalize on it to help get is us get where we want to go, and help us buy what we want to buy.


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What is Google Analytics 360 Suite?

The Google Analytics 360 Suite consists of a mix of brand-new and rebranded tools for enterprise companies. This suite of products has been specifically designed to meet the needs of enterprise-class marketers. Its goal is to not just to provide more marketing data, but to provide more useable, and understandable, marketing data. Google’s team of engineers behind the 360 project set out to simplify marketing analytics, and provide a solution to what enterprise marketers asked for.


  • Track the complete series micro-moments of a customer’s journey. Marketers and business owners need to see the steps a customer takes, across all devices,  that lead to conversions.
  • A simpler way to make sense of the data collected; useful insights with that data. With the amount of data collected, marketers can find themselves up their necks with data – none of which useful without the computing power, data science, and technology needed to sort through and make sense of it all.
  • An easy way to share data, insights, reports, etc. with everyone involved. Even just this would improve efficiency, and allow for better decision making.
  • Greater ability to provide dynamic experiences to the right people at the right time. All marketers want to make their product or service personalized to consumers across any device.
  • Greater integration between Google products including Google Analytics, AdWords, DoubleClick, and 3rd-party platforms. With smooth integrations, decision making is made that much easier.

Google Analytics 360 Suite may not be the first to offer these kinds of products, but because it does offer the smooth integration between so many of Google’s products that it may just be the game changer the market needed. But what does the suite include?

Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics 360, originally Google Analytics Premium, will serve as the cornerstone of this suite. You’ll be able to connect to all of the 360 right here in Analytics 360. Other than saying additional capabilities will be made available over the next few months not much has been said about this.

Tag Manager 360

New – Currently, Google Tag Manager is considered a feature of Google Analytics. What is different about Google Tag Manager 360 is stand-alone product in and of itself. Yes, is built from the current tag manager, but it has been essentially ramped up to offer simplified data collection and, include more APIs for data accuracy, and allow for the streamlining of workflows.

Optimize 360

New Google Optimize 360 is the new website testing, and personalization product from Google. Optimize 360 has the ability to easily run A/B landing page tests that without requiring the special implementation of code. This is ideal for testing offers, page layouts, etc. to find what leads to the greatest ROI.

Attribution 360

Google Attribution 360, previously Adometry, helps to connect the dots across multiple channels, different devices, and systems. Google Attribution 360 provides conversion attribution insights marketing campaigns to help marketers allocate their ad spend more wisely.

Audience Center 360

New Google Audience 360 is a data management platform (DMP) that allows its users to better understand performance data across multiple channels, devices, and platforms. It also has built-in integration with Google AdWords, and Doubleclick, as well as additional third-party Demand-side platforms (DSPs) – systems that lets the buyers of digital ad inventories to manage multiple ad exchanges and data exchanges in one spot.

Data Studio 360

New Google Data Studio 360 has been built off the Google Docs. It was designed to allow multiple users to work together, in real time, create and edit reports and dashboards.The focus of Data Studio 360 is to really get information ready for presentation in a meaningful manner.

This suite of tools opens the door for businesses of all sizes to compete at the enterprise level, make more of the resources you have with Google Analytics 360 Suite. What’s your take on the matter? Is this a game changer for your business?



John Sturgeon
Internet Marketing Specialist
Aqaba Technologies



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