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Google’s New Interactive Interstitial Ads

App developers are struggling for our attention, and our attention is growing ever shorter. We need our relevant content now. It’s because of our short attention spans developers are having difficulty finding engaged users to download, and use their app. Consider that 1-in-4 apps we install are never actually used! Google is looking to change that by providing app developers with a new set of tools actively engage with users, and to better communicate the value of their app.

Google has overhauled one of their In-App ad format options. The company is now Beta-Testing “two new rich, and immersive ad formats” with the goal of accessing a higher level intent in its mobile users.

Trial Run Ads

The Trial Run Ad format is specific to game apps. What is so unique about Trial Run Ads is that the ad gives the user the option to play up to 60 seconds of a game by streaming content from the app without having to install it. The concept behind this ad format is by providing a trial of the game developers will attract more qualified leads / users who are more likely to use the game.

Trial Run Ads

Interactive Interstitial Ads

Interactive Interstitial Ads are ads that appear at normal transition points in an app, this could be for instance when proceeding to the next level in a game. These ads use HTML 5, and pulls data dynamically which enables these ads to provide a highly customized experience to the user. Now developers can tailor the Call-to-Action to be as relevant as possible.

Interactive Interstitial Ads

The level of customization can be as great, or as little you’d like it to be. This gives advertisers the perfect opportunity to A/B test their creatives while finding the best Call-to-Action.

What do you think about Google’s new ad forms? Is this an experience something you want? Does this offer value to you? Let us know!

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