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Bing’s New Image Ad Extensions Debut

Detroit, MI: Michigan Internet Marketing Agency Looks into the new Bing Image Ad Extension

Microsoft’s Bing Ads is hoping to take the online marketing world by storm in 2016 by revolutionizing the way we see ads on the Search Network. Bing Ads recently announced it is rolling out a new extension for its text ads —  Image Ad Extensions. With Bing’s Image Ad Extension, Bing is allowing advertisers to upload images to show alongside ad copy.

Why use Image Extensions? What are the Benefits?

Bing says having visuals associated with your ad can be a great way to help ads stand out from the competition, increase traffic, allow advertisers to more effectively build brand awareness, and improve the quality of leads by showing users what they can expect before actually clicking on the ad.

A great feature of Bing’s Image Ad Extensions is that each image can be associated with its own unique landing page. This essentially makes a sort of visual sitelink extension. These links can help advertisers direct users to the most probable point of conversion.

The Nuts & Bolts

With Image Ad Extensions, Bing Ads enables advertisers to upload up six images to associate with any Ad Group, or Campaign. Ads will be able to feature one, or as many as six images provided they meet Bing’s requirements.

Yes. Google did. For a short time 2013-2014, Google Adwords did use image ad extensions. That being said, Google also opted to deprecate the image ad extension, and stuck with it felt to be a cleaner, more straightforward approach to their search page.

What do you think?

Will Bing Ads succeed where Google Adwords could not? Will the option of images showing with text ads make you differently about Bing and Bing Ads? How so?

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