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Aqaba Digital Propels Volta Renewables into the Future with Strategic Digital Initiatives

FOLSOM, CA – February, 27th 2024 – Aqaba Digital, a trailblazer in the digital marketing realm, proudly announces its strategic collaboration with Volta Renewables, marking another milestone in its commitment to fostering impactful digital transformations. This groundbreaking partnership reaffirms Aqaba Digital’s expertise in delivering tailored business development solutions that transcend geographical boundaries.

Scaling Business Remotely: Aqaba Digital’s Unique Approach

In an era where physical distances fade in the wake of digital connectivity, Aqaba Digital proudly embraces a remote business model. Many of its clients, including Volta Renewables, have discovered the efficacy of conducting business seamlessly, regardless of geographical separation. This approach ensures efficiency, accessibility, and a global reach for enterprises navigating the digital landscape.

Volta Renewables Chooses Aqaba Digital for Holistic Business Development

Volta Renewables, a forward-thinking company based in Folsom, California, has chosen Aqaba Digital to architect a personalized business development system. This multifaceted strategy leverages the power of Google Ads and Aqaba’s innovative Review Engine. The campaign is strategically poised for expansion as Volta Renewables sets its sights on scaling its operations across four states in the year 2024.

Aqaba’s Strategic Involvement: Beyond Advertising

The collaboration extends beyond advertising, with Volta Renewables entrusting Aqaba Digital with the development of its new website. The goal is to optimize the user experience (UX) across both desktop and mobile devices. Aqaba’s approach involves creating detailed user profiles of the preferred audience, enabling the crafting of key visuals, ad copy, and campaign tone that resonate with Volta Renewables’ target demographic.

“Our aim is to go beyond traditional digital marketing by offering comprehensive solutions that address the core of our clients’ business objectives,” remarked Ramsey Sweis, President at Aqaba Digital. “Volta Renewables’ commitment to sustainability aligns seamlessly with our ethos, and we are excited to contribute to their success story.”

About Volta Renewables

Volta Renewables, headquartered in Folsom, California, is a pioneering company dedicated to advancing sustainable energy solutions. With a vision for a greener future, Volta Renewables specializes in residential and commercial renewable energy solutions.

About Aqaba Digital

Aqaba Digital stands at the forefront of digital innovation, offering bespoke solutions to businesses seeking transformative digital experiences. With a global clientele and a commitment to excellence, Aqaba Digital continues to redefine the standards of digital marketing.


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Aqaba Digital
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