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5 Ways Ignoring An SEO Strategy Could Affect Your Bottom Line

It may be possible to run a business in 2019 without doing search engine optimization, but doing so exposes you to risks and leaves money on the table, guaranteed.

Anyone who has tried to make the case for investing in SEO to a client, boss, or colleague, will be all too familiar with the common objections: it’s too unpredictable, PPC is better, it takes too long, how do I measure gains, etc.

An in-depth SEO strategy will without a doubt, bring more qualified traffic to your website. Quality content tailored to the needs of your customers will bring a higher conversion rate. These things are well known. But ignoring SEO altogether doesn’t just mean losing a few sales here and there: it can be risky or potentially disastrous financially.

So, here’s 5 ways that could affect your bottom line by not participating in SEO:

1. Using PPC as a replacement for SEO

PPC is fine, and in many cases preferred for some niches. But doing only PPC and not SEO, is a recipe for throwing money out the door.

PPC often has a higher conversion rate than SEO, but it casts a narrow net. SEO allows you to broaden that net and reach potential customers at the very start of their purchase research. Without it, you’re leaving leads and sales on the table and missing an opportunity to build your brand’s authority.

2. Missing out on, or misunderstanding, lucrative niches

Every niche has many subniches that you may not even be aware of.

It seems like a minor distinction, but without that small but valuable insight, the company would have been missing out on a potentially huge pot of revenue.

3. Being unprepared for Google updates

While it’s impossible to predict exactly how updates in Google’s algorithms will play out in the rankings, adhering to SEO best practices can mitigate the risk of being adversely impacted by an update.

4. Ill-advised site redesigns

This is one area we at Aqaba see all the time.

It may be shocking in 2019, but many businesses still employ agencies or developers with little or no knowledge of SEO to redesign their sites.

5. Lack of credibility and trust

If you ignore SEO and your site appears rarely or not at all in organic listings, it may make consumers more suspicious of your credentials and even affect the conversion rate of your PPC ads.


A solid SEO strategy allows you to minimize the risks of a drop in sales, while also maximizing your online footprint and leveraging the most lucrative opportunities to your advantage.

Believe me, your bottom line will thank you!

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