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5 questions to ask before launching an SEO campaign


You may be eager to launch an SEO campaign for your company but it’s wise to develop a plan on how it will fit into your overall business strategy first. Don’t make the mistake of being too hasty; instead, ask the right questions before taking the leap.

1. Is this the best time?

Take stock of where you are in your business. Are you currently experiencing a slow season or are you crazy with the peak of your business dealings or going through a re-design of your website? Starting up an SEO campaign is best left to your slower periods so you can devote the time and energy to ensuring the launch goes as planned. Rushing it won’t help.

2. How does this fit into my marketing campaign?

You can start this step by identifying your goals, both long and short term. What’s your main focus: to increase sales? Generate brand loyalty? Create additional leads? Think about how an SEO campaign would help or hinder these goals. For instance, if you want to generate more leads, an email newsletter could help you make a connection with your customers on a regular basis.

3. How can I make my site interesting for readers?

One way to generate interest as part of your SEO campaign is to create regular blog posts, or hire someone who can. In addition to having a business website with a blog updated on a regular basis, you should also incorporate keywords you want to target for SEO purposes, advises Entrepreneur. You can achieve this by delegating writing assignments throughout your company or hiring a blog poster who knows your business.

4. How do I know my chosen keywords are effective?

Content that’s optimized with keywords is a vital component to the success of your business and website. Hiring an agency experienced in this type of work will allow you to tap into the expertise and resources that can best pinpoint effective keywords. A Detroit SEO company can manage your overall campaign and correctly research and incorporate the most valuable keywords that your audience is using. Regular analytic reports after the launch can show you how those keywords are holding up.

5. What kind of content do I need?

Your keywords are important, to be sure, but you need quality content that will compel your audience to read what you have to say. This content has to provide a high value to the reader, incorporating not only keywords but well-spoken text that is engaging and that has no spelling or grammatical mistakes. If you can’t handle this task due to other commitments, or if content writing is not your forte, it’s important to hire a web content writer who can tackle this with ease.

Your trusted Detroit SEO company can help with any questions you may have prior to launching an SEO campaign.

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