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3 Key Tenets of Successful Full-Funnel Search Strategy

Over the last decade, new publishers, channels, targeting capabilities, and ad formats have armed marketers with advanced ways to engage and influence consumers. However, this is a double-edged sword…there is more noise and clutter in the market than ever before.

A full-funnel search strategy will keep your brand visible.

Traditional search wisdom has long placed the utmost importance on the highest converting bottom-funnel keywords. But top of funnel keyword search is just as important for customers in those first steps of online research.

Now to leap forward on how SEM can maximize business impact, the industry needs to give search marketers new talking points to build a strong foundation within their organizations why full-funnel search is the right approach. Funnel optimization is a precursor to a successful full-funnel search strategy, called Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO.


  • Full funnel search tenet #1: Every relevant search is a potential sale
  • Full funnel search tenet #2: Know your funnel
  • Full funnel search tenet #3: Evaluate SEM efforts differently based on funnel stages

‘Recognizing when you need to push upper, middle or bottom activity with your campaigns is fundamental to a full-funnel search approach.’

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