10 Fundamental Principles for a Successful Short-Form Strategy

Grasping Contemporary Attention Spans

In today’s fast-paced world, the average attention span is a mere 8.25 seconds. This implies that the initial 3 seconds of your content must be gripping, and the subsequent 5.25 seconds are crucial for a video’s triumph. Two pivotal factors influence this:

  • Your script
  • Your visuals

Make effective use of your script to continually engage the viewer, and employ visuals to sustain their interest.

Constructing Content Frameworks

Prominent creators and brands often gain recognition within specific industries, niches, or subjects. How can you achieve this recognition? By establishing content frameworks, which are the overarching categories your content consistently falls into. For instance, on my personal channel, these categories are:

  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Generative AI
  • Data Management

Embracing Complementary Content Formats

Alongside content frameworks come content formats, which involve breaking down each framework into various subcategories that complement the primary framework. This approach allows you to expand on successful content frameworks by reimagining the central content idea. For example:

  • Content Framework: Marketing Campaigns
  • Central Content Idea: How Volvo Drove $170M From Its Live Tests Campaign
  • Content Formats:
    • In-Depth Analysis: Providing a detailed breakdown of how this campaign generated $170M in revenue for Volvo
    • Storytelling: Unveiling the captivating narrative behind Volvo’s seemingly surreal campaign
    • Key Takeaways: Presenting 5 valuable lessons extracted from Volvo’s Live Test campaign
    • Creating content formats empowers you to repurpose a single content idea into multiple variations.

Prioritizing Attention-Grabbing Openers

Begin with the opener, then craft the script. As marketing luminary David Ogilvy wisely said, “On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” This principle is equally applicable to video content. Your opener serves as the headline and forms the core of a successful video. Begin by crafting a compelling opener, and then build your content around it. Without a compelling opener, the script loses its impact.

22.6 Million views

Utilizing Bullet-Point Scripts

Steer clear of long-winded scripts; brevity is the key. This isn’t a feature-length film; it’s a 30-second teaser. Compose your script using bullet points, with each point acting as an enticing hook that naturally leads to the next.

Mastering the Art of Editing

Effective editing is akin to masterful writing. The more you eliminate elements that don’t bolster your hook, the more captivating your video becomes.

Incorporating Subtitles

Subtitles serve a dual purpose. When starting out, employ in-app captions to enhance the platform’s comprehension of your video’s content. Subsequently, opt for succinct captions with no more than three words displayed on-screen, catering to your established audience.

Creating Shareable Content

Exceptional content sets in motion a viral loop, where one viewer’s engagement can result in boundless reach. Develop content with the intention of it being shared through direct messages and on platforms like Slack. Gain insights into what motivates sharing and tailor your content accordingly.

The “Get Saved” Framework

Establish yourself as a valuable resource within your niche by scripting content that’s worthy of being highlighted and saved. Share knowledge and inspiration that prompts viewers to revisit your content. Pose the question, “Would I save this piece of content?” If the answer is affirmative, publish it; if not, reconsider.

Crafting Content Funnels

If your objective is to drive tangible business outcomes, constructing a content funnel is imperative. The core of your content should operate from the top down:

Top of funnel: Content with a broad reach

Middle of funnel: Valuable content with subtle product placements

Bottom of funnel: Content designed to elicit specific actions

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